Wipfli and Wipfli Financial Advisors: A Synergistic Approach

Smith (true identity protected) is a high-net-worth client with a long history of relying on Wipfli’s services in tax planning and compliance, as well as estate and gift tax planning. Smith has been very pleased with the high level of attention and service provided by Wipfli.


Because of some health-related concerns, Smith began needing more assistance and professional attention with investment and financial matters. Dissatisfied with current investment and financial services, Smith called Wipfli for recommendations for replacements.


Wipfli first attempted to reconcile the differences between the client and the current investment and financial services provider. In the process, the client determined that the relationship was irreparable and again asked Wipfli for a different solution. Wipfli then consulted with Smith about other options, including Wipfli’s extended coordinated services through a joint venture with Wipfli Financial Advisors (Wipfli Financial). Smith was very excited to hear about the fully integrated services Wipfli and Wipfli Financial could provide.

Among the “family office” services the team offered are:

  • Trusted investment advice
  • Bill pay assistance
  • Periodic transfer of funds when requested
  • Coordinated financial, tax, and estate planning services

Smith had interviewed a number of other financial and investment service providers (e.g., brokers, trust departments, banks). Finding none as fully integrated and competitive as Wipfli and Wipfli Financial, the client signed on immediately.


Smith is able to relax knowing that all the investment, financial, and tax complexities are being taken care of through Wipfli and Wipfli Financial’s integrated services. The synergistic and coordinated services provided by Wipfli’s Individual Practice Team and Wipfli Financial Advisor Team are allowing Smith to concentrate on staying healthy and living life to the fullest.