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Pat Liegel, Vice President of Finance
“We were very impressed with how quickly Wipfli was able to get us up and running with NetSuite, and how fast their response times are. No matter what challenge we present them with, they are always ready to talk through options on how to improve the system and help make our organization more efficient and productive.”


Fleetworthy Solutions is a transportation compliance consulting firm. Its mission is to provide industry leadership in cost-effective transportation management services throughout North America through the optimal utilization of finances and technology.


The nature of Fleetworthy’s business in compliance work and added services such as fleet tracking means the organization performs a lot of billing. However, the software it was using was not robust enough to handle the complexity of the invoicing. Fleetworthy was doing most of its billing manually in spreadsheets, which was extremely time-consuming and sometimes resulted in inaccuracies.

Fleetworthy wanted to streamline its billing and eliminate its reliance on spreadsheets so that it could improve visibility into its information, gain more accurate data and, most of all, save a truly significant amount of time that could then be used to focus on other projects.


At Wipfli’s recommendation, Fleetworthy chose NetSuite. The platform’s reporting, real-time processing, visibility into information and streamlined processes were ideal features for the organization and would greatly reduce the amount of time it spent creating invoices.

With this decision made, the Wipfli team implemented NetSuite and moved over a majority of Fleetworthy’s invoicing. The team also performed customization work that has allowed the vice president of finance and other executives at Fleetworthy to gain access to real-time data and detailed reports, which has proved a huge benefit to making more informed business decisions.


The Wipfli team continues to perform ongoing optimization work for Fleetworthy so that it can fully utilize NetSuite’s vast capabilities and reap greater time-savings. For example, Fleetworthy also does more complex and detailed invoicing and is currently still doing this manually. However, NetSuite is robust enough to manage these invoices, and Wipfli will continue to work with Fleetworthy to facilitate this move.

Overall, since NetSuite’s implementation, Fleetworthy has been able to gain the visibility into its financial reporting and data, as well as more timely and accurate financial statements, that it desired. It has also experienced huge time savings since moving over the majority of its invoicing to NetSuite, allowing its staff to focus on core priorities instead.