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Ressac Climate Control
Nick Rohan, CEO

“We liked the feeling from Wipfli, and we had confidence in the team we were talking to. With the integration, we’re operating differently now. And the thing we really enjoy with Intacct is our ability to access it anywhere from a browser, whether we’re at home or out of town. We can get in and see our daily runs and see how cash is doing. It’s been fantastic.”


Integrating Ressac’s field service management software with its accounting platform was essential to business decision-making. But it required an updated accounting solution. With Sage Intacct, Ressac gained real-time visibility into its financial results across locations; saved time, money and effort through automating processes; enabled greater focus on customers; and positioned itself to make long-term strategic plans.


Implementing ServiceTrade improved Ressac’s service management and customer service, but it came with an issue of its own: Data couldn’t be shared between ServiceTrade and Ressac’s accounting platform. Employees not only had to manually upload the same information across the two systems but also lacked real-time visibility into financial information. In Ressac’s very competitive industry, with a profit margin as low as 5-7%, it’s critical to know the current situation when making business decisions.

Plus, without an AP approval process in place, service managers had to approve purchases, which took them away from more strategic job-related activities and created time-consuming client invoicing. Data was also siloed within spreadsheets, leading to inefficient reporting processes that took yet more time away from employees.


Ressac wanted a cloud-based solution that could streamline its AP workflow and approvals and provide real-time visibility into financial results across its multiple locations. Sage Intacct — and its robust reporting — was the solution.

But implementing Intacct and integrating it with ServiceTrade was no small feat. Ressac needed an experienced firm on its side. And its leadership team found that in Wipfli. What drew them was Wipfli’s full-service implementation, integration assistance, on-going support and collaborative team approach. 


With real-time visibility and transparency into its financial results across multiple locations, Ressac now has the right information at the right time to make critical business decisions. The improved financial reporting lets employees see where financials stand on a day-to-day basis, and the time saved in automating tasks and flowing data between Intacct and ServiceTrade allows employees to focus on more meaningful and strategic work.

With Sage Intacct in place, Ressac taps into deeper financial and operational insights and is able to tackle more strategic issues, keeping the whole organization focused on their customers. Now the pressure of competition is less of a burden, as Ressac has the insights its team needs to grow strategically in existing markets and into other regions.


For over 85 years, Ressac has established itself as a high-quality, low-cost commercial contractor for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Its specialties include low-rise office parks, mall retail and big box retail sites.

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Michelle M. Starkey, Senior Business Developer