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What gets you up in the morning? Embracing technology is core to promoting a growth mindset

By Brian Blaha

During Wipfli’s recent Partner Summit in Minnesota, there was a moment during Managing Partner Kurt Gresens’ opening remarks when he asked retiring partners to stand up. He then asked the new partners to stand as well. As hundreds of Wipfli colleagues applauded, I couldn’t help but think about the years that separated those two groups and all the change that’s occurred since those retiring partners first joined our firm decades ago.

That change has only accelerated through the dramatic innovations we are seeing in technology and the impact they are having on our profession. Our newest partners have a front seat in navigating these advances and learning how to use new tools and platforms to serve our clients and elevate our firm and capabilities. This will require a growth mindset that essentially marries the “why” with the “how” as we tap into our combined talents and drive forward.

The “why” is what gets us up in the morning. It’s about having a genuine interest, high level of curiosity and consistent drive to help our clients solve problems and achieve success. Looking back at the earliest days of my career, it was the “why” that brought me to Wipfli and the “why” that has driven my path to where I am today. I have a passion for working with my colleagues in helping organizations succeed, and Wipfli fosters an environment where this is front and center to what we do.

The difference between today and when I first started can be found in the “how” — including the new tools and approaches that technology is continually bringing into the fold. By embracing these advancements and committing to putting them to work, our newest partners will succeed in connecting the “why” with the “how” in powerful ways.

In some cases, these new technologies are automating the administrative, nonstrategic aspects of our jobs, which is opening more time to spend consulting with clients and helping them grow. In other cases, we’re seeing advancements that can be integrated into our clients’ workflow, manufacturing and sales processes to help them operate more efficiently.

Exploring these innovations is a necessary part of a culture that bravely navigates risk, ferrets out opportunities and develops the ability to “fail fast” and redirect with an intense focus on results.

What gets you up in the morning? What kinds of technological breakthroughs are helping you to solve your clients’ problems faster and more efficiently? Your commitment to the “why” will only be accentuated by the new possibilities enabled by the “how.” The roadmap to success in this rapidly changing environment requires an openness to new technologies and ways of doing things. This is a central part of Wipfli’s growth mindset and a fundamental driver of our future.

Brian Blaha

Brian Blaha, CPA
Growth Partner

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