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How to Monitor Your Org's Performance With Automated Financial Processes

4/10/2019 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (CT)

In this complicated and need-it-now world, monthly check-ins no longer enable effective decision-making. Your people, processes and technologies matter more than ever as you seek to answer pressing financial questions. With such intense pressure on the finance department to inform decisions and provide information, why is it so hard to generate reports? You have the right people, and your processes are in order, but too often, it’s your technology that’s holding you back.

So what’s the key to monitoring your organization’s performance and delivering fast, accurate reports to leadership and board members? Automating your financial processes. Join us for a free webinar where you will discover how utilizing automation can provide you and your finance team with:

  • A consistent and real-time look at your data
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency, which lead to greater cost- and time-savings
  • Forward-thinking key performance indicators (KPIs) that guide better decision-making
  • Improved regulatory compliance


Brent Neitz
Brent Neitz
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Rebecca A. Hurst, CPA
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