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Protect your critical assets and exceed regulatory requirements.

Cyberattacks: It’s no longer a question of “if.” It’s a question of “when.”

  • The U.S. is the target of 46% of the world’s cyberattacks
  • Every 11 seconds, a business falls victim to ransomware.
  • On average, it takes a business more than 200 days to detect a data breach.

With our cybersecurity services, our team designs resilient security strategies that proactively protects businesses without sacrificing flexibility or competitiveness. We have the industry knowledge and technical agility to provide solutions that keep you ahead of new threats.

Become a cyber resilient organization

By working with Wipfli, you can:

Increase resistance to cyber attack

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving. New software vulnerabilities come to light, cybercriminals develop new attacks and, let’s face it, people make mistakes when securing systems.

Wipfli conducts a variety of security evaluations, including assessing vulnerabilities and simulating adversaries in a penetration test to see if it’s possible to gain unauthorized access. We also help train your staff to be more security conscious and a stronger human firewall. As a result of working with Wipfli, you can reduce vulnerabilities and make your systems more resistant to attack.

Securely access your programs and data, regardless of device or location

Modern, hybrid work requires flexible solutions. With our focus on security, we make sure your employees can securely access organizational data wherever they may be required to work, on any device, and seamlessly collaborate on documents and projects with their colleagues.

Do your employees have access to all company data? Excessive permissions put you at greater risk if just one account gets compromised. But with privileged access management, or PAM, you can make sure employees only have the level of access they need to complete their tasks.

Use highly available, fault-tolerant cloud solutions

Cloud-based infrastructure solutions offer significant benefits to traditional on-premises infrastructure, including reduced capital investments, less headache managing and securing physical data centers, and increased redundancy and scalability to help your systems stay online. Wipfli helps your organization design and implement secure, cloud-based infrastructure solutions to increase your availability.

Recover from cybersecurity attacks and system outages

It’s no longer sufficient to focus only on preventing cybersecurity attacks. Resilient organizations plan for an unlikely event, such as a ransomware attack or large-scale system outage. Wipfli helps organizations define disaster recovery and business continuity procedures that meet business requirements to minimize downtime and data loss.

Practice makes proficient, and we regularly run simulations to test your plan’s suitability and make sure your team knows what to do.

Grow your business with industry-specific cybersecurity compliance programs

No industry is immune from cybersecurity risks — and the regulators have taken note. Whether you’re a financial services firm, a manufacturer supplying the Department of Defense, a social services provider with personally identifiable information of your clients, or a retailer accepting online credit card payments, there are cybersecurity regulations that apply to you.

Wipfli does more than help you identify gaps against these requirements — we fix it and even manage it for you on an on-going basis. Let us assist you with compliance around any of the following:

  • NAIC
  • CMMC
  • PCI