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BSA Program Independent Audit and System Validation

Ensure a Healthier BSA Program

Tired of the Time and Resources BSA Requires? Ensure a Healthier BSA Program with an Independent Audit or System Validation from Wipfli.

You’ve developed BSA policies and procedures, established internal controls to mitigate identified risks and trained your employees. Perhaps you also rely on an automated surveillance monitoring system. But is everything working? A regulatory exam is not the time to find out.

Get a Reliable Audit, Validation, PLUS Valuable Guidance from Wipfli.

Our Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (CAMS), Certified Regulatory Compliance Managers (CRCM), and Certified AML and Fraud Professionals (CAFP), bring real-world experience to deliver the knowledge you need. We’ve worked in the financial institution trenches and have performed countless audits, giving our team a better understanding of the realities your organization faces. We also bring the added benefits of being a well-rounded resource with professional services and established proficiency in internal audits, compliance, fair lending, staffing, training and more.

We go well beyond a “checklist” mentality to provide the holistic help and guidance you need to be successful.