Financial Institutions

Capital Planning

Safe and sound strategic growth.

Drive strategic growth while satisfying safety and soundness goals with direction from a proven team of capital planning professionals.

While Capital Planning may be performed as a stand-alone activity, corporate governance and risk management best practices recommend the linkage of your strategic plan, enterprise risk management plan and other key bank policies. Wipfli professionals can assist with the linkage, including the following:

  • Capital distributions policy (dividends, stock buybacks, stock redemptions)
  • Transition and impact of Basel III capital rules
  • Create or modify a capital plan including reporting on the capital plan policy targets
  • Capital ratios
  • Impact of proposed dividend and distribution levels
  • Contingency planning
  • Evaluate sources of additional capital
  • Forecast future capital levels
  • Educate boards of directors on capital planning concepts, regulatory guidelines, and corporate governance

Consulting services develop unique capital targets and create capital plan policies for the long-term success of client institutions.

Featured Expertise

Jim Broucek

Jim Broucek has a strong and extensive background in treasury and accounting, he excels in his ability to present complex topics in a manner that’s easily understood by boards of directors, regulators, and buy- and sell-side equity analysts. Well known for his deep industry knowledge, critical thinking skills, and passion for well-planned strategic change, Jim brings a wealth of expertise and added value to his client relationships and their business outcomes.