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Community Reinvestment Efforts And Fair Lending Posture

Wipfli can help you put together this crucial information.

Regulators want to know you understand your CRA performance. Wipfli can help you put together this crucial information.

If an examiner asked for a breakdown of your institution’s activities in the assessment area, what would you give them? Could you produce a graphical map with analytical support? Are you confident in the accuracy and appropriateness of your institution’s assessment areas? What about the geographic distribution of loans?

These days, it takes more than a spreadsheet with a list of loans or community development activities to satisfy regulators. 

Stop wondering about your CRA performance or Fair Lending status, you can use the Wipfli team’s analytical research and support tools to gain the information and confidence you need. Choose from a variety of solutions, including:

  • Valuable mapping of your institution’s designated assessment area(s).
  • Lending performance data analysis.
  • Demographic and economic insights.
  • Analytical briefing and general observations.
  • Guidance on potential future strategies.
  • A full CRA performance assessment
  • A disparity analysis by loan type of approval/denial rates, pricing and processing times between prohibited basis groups. 
  • An electronic comparative file analysis to determine if similarly situated applicants were treated differently in the credit process.

Take a positive and proactive approach to not only help ensure compliance but also preserve your institution’s community lending efforts and enhance its fair lending posture.

Download our CRA and Fair Lending solution sheet.

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