It’s Not Easy Managing Credit Risk Today.

We can relate…And that’s Just one top reason Wipfli offers a loan review process like no other.

Worries over underwriting, concerns for loan growth, managing lenders and internal staff—we know what keeps you up at night. We know because we’ve been in your shoes.

Real-World Advice and Experience
Wipfli’s entire loan review team consists of former financial institution professionals just like you who have worked as lenders or on loan review teams. It’s this shared experience that makes our loan review process uniquely valuable.

We bring deep experience in commercial and agricultural banking to address your needs with efficiency, understanding, and responsiveness. Our seasoned professionals offer comprehensive and independent evaluations to help you identify and address potential credit risk so you can maintain confidence in your loan portfolio.

Reviews as You Like Them
Wipfli’s loan review services are structured to meet your specific risk management policies, practices, and procedures. We offer flexible review options to fit your defined scope while accommodating your lending philosophy. Services can be customized to focus on:

  • Exceptions
  • Concentrations
  • Problem credit management
  • Identification of impairments
  • Loan policy review
  • Identification of troubled debt restructurings

Beyond the Review
Wipfli also helps you proactively develop best practices and better risk management strategies. We communicate throughout the review, offer interim reports, and sit down with you post-review to share valuable insights for future improvements.

We’re Loan Review Professionals With a Point of View—Yours!

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Video: Benefits of Co-Sourcing Your Internal Audit Plan
You don’t have to stress about making sure your internal audit plan is completed on time. Together, we work with you to identify risks, update processes and finalize your plan. Reinforce your team with the support you need to complete your annual internal audit plan with confidence.