Expect more out of your secondary market quality control

Best practices. Better quality.

Many financial institutions selling loans to the secondary market prefer to outsource their quality control programs. But are you getting real value from your outsourced vendor? Or are you getting a bill and a cursory “check the box” report?

Put more quality in your quality control.

With Wipfli, you get value-added QC services delivered with a human touch. Your post-closing and pre-funding reviews are performed by real people with years of real industry experience. You get fast answers, timely feedback and detailed reports with proactive recommendations.

Already using us for post-closing reviews? Double your value.

Using Wipfli for both post-closing and pre-funding/pre-closing means you’ll save time and money. If we review a loan during pre-closing and it’s selected for post-closing, we won’t need to re-review all of the many pre-closing documents — just a select few and the ones we didn’t see.

In or out, we’re here however you need us.

If you want to keep or bring your secondary market loan quality control in-house, Wipfli can help enhance your program. We can train your staff and help you build a more robust in-house program — one that includes sound policy backed by strong review. By putting a good quality control program in place, you’ll ensure loans conform to your institution’s policies, are of acceptable quality, comply with lending requirements and will ultimately not cause a repurchase request.

Best practices. Better quality.

As more and more investors require proof of quality control, you can confidently turn to Wipfli to enhance your program and satisfy QC requirements before you come under scrutiny and lose valuable investor opportunities. Our offerings range from policy support, to complete pre-funding/pre-closing and post-closing reviews, to staff education that helps you build a more robust in-house program.

Start experiencing our comprehensive, independent evaluations from real people who are really competent at this stuff. Fill out the form below to get started.

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