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Introducing our financial & operational advisory subscription

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Member behaviors have evolved, and so must your credit union. What worked in the past may no longer be effective enough to keep you competitive. That’s what makes strategy such an important factor in every credit union’s success.

And that’s also why Wipfli is offering an F&O advisory subscription. For just $1,999 a year, you get:

Our F&O Performance Analysis

  • Your peer group is composed of institutions with similar balance sheets, income statements and services instead of credit unions simply in the same market as yours — which makes your data more strategically valuable.
  • The analysis data is targeted to your credit union and designed to help you improve your effectiveness.
  • The reporting has data visualization, providing an ease of reading, digesting for taking action on the data.
  • You receive the analysis on a quarterly basis.

Quarterly strategy sessions to review the analysis of your credit union, where we:

  • Walk through each quarter’s report with a credit union-focused strategic advisor.
  • Discuss where the market is trending and what your peers are doing around strategy, services and financial outcomes.
  • Work with you to understand where your credit union has seen success and what opportunities or challenges exist compared to what your peers are doing.
  • Help set goals and accountabilities.
  • Enable your credit union to better see how the changes you’ve made to your services, products or strategy has impacted you financially and how your results compare to your peers.

It’s not enough just to know how you measure up to the competition. You have to take action, or you risk falling behind. Let Wipfli help you define your strategy and secure a successful future.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Boortz at mboortz@wipfli.com

Download sample of our report

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