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Financial Services Forum webinar recordings

Gain insight into the issues impacting your organization

With sessions designed exclusively for executive officers and board members of financial services companies, the Financial Services Forum gave attendees valuable information on current topics that are deeply impacting their organizations today.

Now, you can watch the recordings of these sessions to gain insight into industry issues, cybersecurity, total rewards, the economic outlook and more.

Session descriptions

Session 1: Industry overview

Presenters: Billy CollinsMike Morris, Marcie Bomberg-Montoya and Sara Circosta

Learn how to future-ready your organization in a rapidly changing industry. You’re hearing customers talk about crypto, you either already are or are considering partnering with technology companies to remain relevant and competitive, and you’re seeking to enhance how you interact with customers and how they interact with you. What are best practices? What are others doing? And what should you start, stop or continue doing? 

In this session, we discussed crypto, partnering with xxtech to enhance delivery (internal/external) and improving your customer journey. 

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Session 2: Staying ahead of the curve with data analytics

Presenters: David Fields, Jon Serafino and Matt Sabo

As your financial services organization increases in size, whether organically or as a result of M&A, you find that the data required to operate becomes more critical and elusive. You also see an increase in regulatory scrutiny, which leads to reporting requirements that are far more complex than historically needed.

Using data management and analytics solutions, financial services organizations can stay ahead of the performance curve. By appropriately structuring your data, you can provide for the automation of manual processes and give your entire organization access to the data that they need to run their part of the business.

By watching this session, you can learn how leading financial services organizations are leveraging their data to improve performance, reduce risk and efficiently meet the regulatory and economic demands of the climate.

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Session 3: Cybersecurity hot topics

Presenter:Mark Scholl

Technology has changed how you run your business and serve your customers. As a result, many organizations face new threats against data breaches, extortion and system interruption. This session will help you understand the most common cyberthreats facing the financial services sector. We also discussed how cyberattacks between Russia and Ukraine could threaten U.S. critical infrastructure. 

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Session 4: Keynote — Economic and market outlook

This keynote shared observations on economic and market conditions with a view to prospects over the next 3-5 years, examined economic trends and Federal Reserve policies critical to stock and bond markets, and paid careful attention to cyclical risks and opportunities. It defined asset allocation implications clearly, as well as provided tips on important indicators that minimize risk and enhance returns. By watching this session, you’ll learn topical and updated information to remain fresh and relevant.

Featured Keynote Speaker Clare Zempel

Economist and investment strategist Clare Zempel makes it his business to communicate and communicate well. He honed his nimble approach to a dynamic analysis of complex economic and financial issues as an economist and investment strategist for major national firms. Prior to founding Zempel Strategic, Zempel served as director of investment policy, chief investment strategist and chief economist for Robert W. Baird & Co. Incorporated and as chief economist for the First Wisconsin Corporation, now U.S. Bank. Clare Zempel has addressed numerous conferences and seminars in the United States and Canada. He has appeared on CNBC and NPR. The New York Times Magazine counts Zempel among leading business and academic economists, and Business Week lists him among the top investment strategists in the country.

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Session 5: Total rewards and its direct link to improving employee experience and business outcomes

Presenter: Michelle Joseph

Formerly referred to as compensation and benefits, total rewards takes on a more creative and broad definition of the ways organizations attract and retain high-caliber talent through the lens of compensation, benefits, perks and other rewards.

Compensation is just one of many factors that make your company an appealing place to work. Employee benefits, workplace culture and other nonmonetary rewards play significant roles as to whether you are putting your best foot forward to attract and retain employees who are loyal to you and what you stand for as an organization. The war for talent is something that can be easily won by those organizations who are willing to meet the needs of their people, which in turn will allow those people to meet the business needs of the organization, as set forth by executive leadership.

This session dives into the evolution of the employee experience and what people crave from their employers in order to be the most productive and engaged versions of themselves. It also delivers helpful tips, advice and insights to attract and retain best-in-class employees who can meet the needs of the business. 

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