Health Care

Physician Integration

An effective, efficient, integrated physician and provider delivery system is a necessity in today’s healthcare model.

Physician-hospital integration begins with an appreciation for the differences between traditional hospital and physician business models and operations.

Shared understanding leads to a more effective and efficient community delivery system.

Our team of experts will help address strategic planning, facility development, revenue management, and hospital/medical practice operations so that both organizations move towards equitable integration.

In addition, we are able to assist in other areas that typically need to be addressed as both parties move towards full integration, such as:

  • Strategic business and financial planning
  • Facility development and planning
  • Revenue management
  • Hospital/medical practice operations

If integration has been on your mind, contact us. We can answer your questions and also ask a bunch more to uncover the best strategy for potential integration.

Featured Thought Leader

Jeff Bramschreiber, CPA

Since 1986, Jeff Bramschreiber has worked with all types and sizes of medical practices, from sole practitioners to 200+ physician medical groups, in both urban and remote rural locations. Jeff has successfully developed strategies to improve revenue, reduce costs, and enhance the profitability of numerous medical practices. His extensive experience provides tremendous value to medical organizations, bringing them great dividends well into the future.