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Physician Demand Planning

Use strategic modeling, not guessing, to determine physician demand.

Using one of the most comprehensive models in the industry, our physician demand assessment service uses a population-based, age-adjusted model to estimate current and future physician FTE requirements in a given geographical area. The model we use covers the spectrum of physicians, from primary care to subspecialists and hospital-based providers.

The physician demand planner has been built and refined to include a number of nationally recognized physician demand models and it provides the ability to adjust demand based on factors such as age and payer mix. We also have the ability to customize the model to estimate demand for more unique subspecialties as needed.

Since our methodology is largely driven by population and age-specific demographics, we will work with you to either define the service area or use a pre-defined service area from which to base projections. The physician demand assessment often includes a gap analysis, comparing the physician need to the current supply. We use various resources to estimate the current supply by specialty in given geographic areas as a way to better understand where physician gaps exist.

Have you been playing the guessing game to determine future physician demand? Contact us today and we will discuss the aspects of our assessment and the outcomes you will expect. You can then make sound decisions based off of this information.

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Healthcare showcase page
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