We provide value-added, custom solutions specific to our clients.

As one of the country’s leading authorities in strategic planning, Wipfli LLP’s strategic advisors work with numerous organizations on all facets of strategic planning, providing detailed comparisons and quantitative benchmarks to any size organizations.

We take pride in our creativity and our track record in developing and delivering innovative and strategic solutions to clients, which result in high-performing organizations—as defined by both earnings and leadership. We constantly research and explore trends and technical issues to develop innovative approaches not typically considered by other consulting firms.

Our reputed process treats every organization as a unique entity. Repeat engagements that span multiple decades affirm the value of our expertise and “holistic” approach. The customized strategic plan developed ensures careful crafting of the right strategy solutions. The customized strategic planning process typically includes the following:

  • Fact finding
  • Comprehensive financial analysis (including custom peer group analysis)
  • GPS Survey™ (online key stakeholder assessment)
  • Conference calls with Chief Executive Officer and/or committee
  • Facilitation of on-site strategic planning meeting
  • Development of strategic plan

The process typically includes the following focus areas; however, depending on unique circumstances, the planning process can be “focused” on specific areas:

  • Mission, vision, and core values of the organization
  • Internal and external analysis (including SWOT)
  • Strategic priorities
  • Financial performance targets
  • Goals and strategies
  • Action plan(s)

Our strategic advisors are also available to provide implementation assistance, should it be requested. Our approach is efficient, concise, results-oriented, and practical. We are interested in only customized solutions that can be effectively implemented and tied to bottom line results, as opposed to theoretical recommendations that inevitably end up being ineffective and sitting on a client’s bookshelf.

Featured Thought Leader

Deron J. Kling

Deron Kling is an experienced consultant and leader focused on helping Wipfli’s clients plan for the future and reach their goals. His background includes over 20 years as an organizational leader and management consultant.

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