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Project scheduling services

The success of your project all starts with a plan

Planning is critical to ensuring a successful project, but is your business giving enough attention to your construction project scheduling?

Done right, a project schedule delivers clarity into the overall project and provides the warning indicators you need to avoid expensive issues down the road. It enables you to make informed business decisions early and efficiently.

Give your schedule the attention it deserves

With scheduling experience for every type of project, we understand how projects go wrong and why, which means we know what problems to look for and how to proactively — and cost-effectively — solve them before they turn into a dispute.

We can assist your business no matter what stage of a project you’re in. Our team is made up of construction and real estate specialists, professional engineers, CPAs, litigation and forensics professionals, and project scheduling specialists — helping ensure you get a full range of support. Our project scheduling services include:

  • Contract and specification considerations
  • Schedule validation
  • Project monitoring
  • Close-out services
  • Dispute resolution
  • Litigation support