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10 reasons for CAHs to replace electronic health care records

Jan 17, 2023

Many critical access hospitals (CAH) are finding themselves at a crossroads with their electronic health records. 

The demands for greater service and engagement with patients has driven many hospitals upgrade their electronic health records (EHR), yet CAHs lag far behind that trend

In addition, their long-term partnership with their current EHR vendor or product has run its course and they find themselves needing to do something different.

Here are ten reasons CAHs are pondering or in the midst of replacing their EHR.

1. The CAH has been acquired

The CAH was acquired by a larger health system. The new parent organization demands that the CAH replace their current EHR with the parent organization’s EHR.

2. Current EHR is at end of life

The vendor has announced the end of life date for their EHR where support and enhancements will no longer be available.

3. Tired of supporting multiple clinical system platforms

The cost and complexity of continuing to support multiple EHR systems in the clinic, hospital and ancillary departments is to great. Further, the lack of interoperability between these systems hinder the ability to deliver the ultimate patient care experience. The CAH wants to move to single platform for the entire organization.

4. Current CAH EHR product has been acquired by a new vendor

The EHR product was acquired by a new organization. The transition from the old vendor to the new vendor is not smooth. The relationships that once existed are no longer there. And there is growing concern that development and support of the old EHR will come to an end.

5. Current EHR has not kept up with the organization’s growing needs

The current EHR product has not kept up with the CAH’s growing needs and/or industry standards. The CAH has added new service lines or acquired new physician groups and the current EHR is unable to support these.

6. Current EHR vendor exorbitant fees

The maintenance fees are above industry standards and/or the EHR vendor or hosting agent nickels and dimes the CAH for every request.

7. Service from the EHR provider is substandard

The CAH is not receiving the level of service they expect. Often it feels like their service request is near the bottom of the EHR vendors priority list.

8. Service from the authorized EHR reseller/hosting firm is sub standard

The CAH chose the EHR reseller or hosting partner because they believed it would either reduce the annual cost or they would receive more personalized support. As it turns out, they are not receiving the level of service they expect.

9. Organizational relationship soured

During the original sales cycle and even after the system implementation, the relationship between the CAH and EHR vendor was very strong. Over the years it has dwindled and the CAH no longer feels good about the existing relationship and/or the ability to repair it.

10. Big price to move to current vendor’s next upgrade/replacement system

The EHR vendor has announce the end of life date for the current EHR platform or version of software. To upgrade to a current supported platform or software requires a significant financial commitment. With this in mind the CAH determines they should explore alternative EHR vendor options.

How Wipfli can help

For more than a decade, Wipfli has helped CAHs with their EHR selection and implementation journey. Our proven track record and established methodologies streamline the process with predictable outcomes. If you would like to learn more about Wipfli’s services, check out our web page for CAHs.

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