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Now is your chance to share thoughts on the Davis-Bacon Act

Nov 07, 2021

Do you love or hate the Davis-Bacon Act? Or just have some thoughts you really want to share? Now is your chance.

The U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division (WHD) is accepting feedback on the Davis-Bacon Act (DBA), which was created in 1931 to ensure workers on federally funded projects are paid a fair wage. The act generally applies to grant-funded organizations on construction and renovation projects over $2,000.

This spring, WHD launched the feedback initiative as part of a comprehensive review of DBI21.

 “By engaging with stakeholders and evaluating the WHD’s Davis-Bacon administrative policies, processes and practices, DBI21 is focused on fostering innovation and efficiency, while remaining transparent and accountable to workers and employers in the construction industry. DBI21 is developing a streamlined and user-focused approach that allows WHD to modernize its Davis-Bacon program to ensure that it provides the necessary worker protections to meet the demands of large infrastructure investments as well as reflect the needs of the modern construction industry,” WHD wrote.

You can share your feedback on how the DBA effects your operations, processes and projects by emailing DBfeedback@dol.gov.

We encourage you to participate in this review and want to share a few thoughts on this opportunity:

  • Has there been times administering DBA that resulted in a contractor stepping away from bidding on the project? Share your story and the ramifications.
  • Has there been times when the $2,000 threshold (versus an amount that could be updated to today’s consumer prices index), has resulted in additional paperwork, a negative impact on your budget, or ability to serve your community? Share your story and the ramifications.
  • Consider sharing the number of DBA projects your organization has in a year that meets DBA requirements.
  • Share suggestions to improve the process.

Additional considerations when sharing feedback:

  • Be clear and concise with specific examples and suggestions
  • Be creative with simple, easy to understand, solutions
  • Support your reasons for updating the DBA with facts and stats

And as always, provide feedback with the intent to be helpful.  This is your opportunity to participate in a process that may directly affect your organization.  If you need tools to comply with the Davis-Bacon Act, or additional guidance, please contact us.


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