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4 ways cloud-based accounting software can help tribal casinos in a crisis

Mar 17, 2021

During a crisis like COVID-19, web-based casino software can help tribal gaming enterprises avoid loss of access to critical systems, such as revenue and expenses.

Fully web-based casino accounting software can handle tribal gaming nuances to ensure compliance while helping transform operations.

Here are four ways that tribal casino cloud accounting software can empower you to tackle future disruption.

1. Achieve a granular, real-time single source of truth

A modern, web-based tribal casino solution captures data during disruptions, providing finance and operations leaders access to a real-time, single source of truth.

Tribal casino software in the cloud will continue to compile all daily transactions, process vendor payments and deliver key reports to stakeholders during a disruption.

Tribal casino leaders can also gain complete visibility and remote access through the system’s real-time, department-specific dashboards. In addition to being invaluable when every minute counts in a crisis, that access also helps during periods like audit season, the most critical time of year for any casino.

2. Go 100% paperless

The digital document management that comes with casino software provides one-click access to information, down to the transaction level.

That can save your team hours of time digging through file cabinets to locate records. Or, even worse, working off two different sets of numbers.

It will also set you up to automate workflows so you can always get the numbers you need when you need them.

3. Work on the go with remote, smart device access to your data

When you use cloud-based tribal casino accounting software, all of your detailed transaction data and supporting documentation are centrally located. You have a single source of truth at your fingertips.

When you use cloud-based tribal casino software, you can access the numbers whenever you need from any device.

Whether you’re at a board meeting, reviewing food and beverage or coin-in financials for the day, or batch-approving threshold-level purchase requests sitting in your customer queue, cloud-based software can deliver what you need to your smartphone.

It also gives all staff instant visibility into all essential data, helping them make informed decisions while on the go.

This real-time data capture allows finance to always be operating with audit-ready financials that meet anti-money laundering (AML) compliance requirements. Disruptive events are an excellent time for criminals to take advantage of the chaos. With the right solution, tribal casinos can get a leg up in the fight against fraud without adding staff to the budget.

4. Generate role-based advanced business intelligence

By leveraging real-time business intelligence dashboards, your tribal casino can create a department-specific flash report with stronger and more consistent insights that are relevant to individual stakeholders and their teams.

Regardless of what’s happening, you can collect advanced business intelligence — from growth opportunities to potential areas of improvement — with the click of a button.

How Wipfli can help

Our tribal solutions team can not only implement the leading tribal casino accounting solution but also design it to meet your unique challenges. Put our technology and tribal casino knowledge to use helping you keep operations flowing smoothly no matter what. And the ROI on technology investment will continue pay off in faster, automated workflows, better data integrity and deeper financial insights.

Ready for a demo? Or want to ask more questions? Contact us today.

If you want to learn more, visit our tribal casino web page or check out these additional resources:


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