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It's About Time

Apr 03, 2018
By: Teri Downey
Financial Institutions

Last week after all the snow came, followed by all the salt on the roads, I badly needed a car wash. All the car washes I passed on my drive home had at least four cars waiting in line. I started doing the math, and with an average of eight minutes per car (praying that no one would buy the super extreme wash), it would be at least 48 minutes before I would be exiting with a clean car. The question became, could I spare 48 minutes just for a car wash?

Time has always been a precious resource to me, and I hate wasting it. I’m sure most of you have been in the same situations as me—such as looking for the shortest line at the grocery store or even the shortest line at those double-lane fast-food drive-through windows—with me usually picking the wrong line. I am constantly looking for the shortest route on a trip, and when it comes to saving time or saving money, I usually pick saving time.

The regulatory compliance environment has been nonstop with new regulations, changes to old rules, and other updates, and one of the biggest complaints I hear among compliance officers is that there is not enough time to get everything done. One of the things I enjoy about working at Wipfli is helping our clients to solve problems or even just make their lives a little easier. So, if you find yourself not having time to complete all those compliance tasks on your list, such as performing that compliance risk assessment or testing the integrity of the new HMDA data, just give us a call. We are always glad to give you some time.


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