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Podcast: It’s still about the employee experience

Jul 26, 2022
By: Robert H. Zondag, Michelle Joseph

The employee experience remains a strategic issue for financial institutions. While many executive leaders recognize the importance of creating a people plan that aligns with their strategic plan, many don’t have the time or capacity to put the necessary amount of effort into building and executing on it.

At the same time, 36% of financial services workers feel their senior leaders are not providing clear direction about where the organization is headed, and 32% feel their managers are not effective in serving and supporting the team.

In this episode of Bank on Wipfli, Robert Zondag, Senior Manager at Wipfli, and Michelle Joseph, Manager within the employee experience team at Wipfli, talk about creating a better employee experience. They discuss:

  • How executives can get more involved in creating a positive employee experience
  • How you can make your employees feel heard

Listen in now.

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