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Podcast: Hotspots in third-party risk management

Sep 30, 2021
By: Robert H. Zondag

What are the latest third-party risk management threats and regulatory changes your financial institution should be looking at right now?

With the explosion of cyberthreats, third-party risk management programs have to depend on more than point-in-time security assessments. For example, if your vendors have remote employees due the pandemic, but this wasn’t a consideration in your last risk review or due diligence, that’s a risk you haven’t assessed.

Does your third-party risk management program lack the resources to get it all done? Is it causing you to fall behind on risk monitoring?

This podcast episode is for you. Our host, Robert Zondag, Senior Manager at Wipfli, talks with Hilary Jewhurst, Third-Party Risk Evangelist & Advocate at Venminder, about what to do when you have too much work and not enough resources, and how to prepare for upcoming interagency guidance.

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