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Ready Before You Need It

Jan 01, 2019
Financial Institutions

Like many new grandparents, my wife and I want to properly nurture our 15-month-old grandson. During the last year, we have visited him and his parents, watched him while his parents went to functions and had some “away time” and helped our grandson become more comfortable with other people. Oh, and we buy him things. Mostly from Amazon. So the other day while we were at our grandson’s, I received an email notification from Amazon about purchasing something an infant would need. Very proactive on Amazon’s part, wasn’t it? But also somewhat annoying. Don’t get me wrong. We have been buying items from Amazon since March 1998 when I ordered a novel about the Civil War. I appreciate that they have what I want and what I need, even before I know I need or want it.

Here at Wipfli, we like to think our compliance services (and really all our service offerings) are like that. We monitor the regulations, news sources, our clients’ examination reports, and other sources of information and have discussions with knowledgeable folks at conferences we attend. We meet regularly with groups of financial institutions to obtain a pulse on what is happening and where the pain points are. This is all so you can receive the best, most informed answer or solution before you know you want or need it — without the potentially annoying email notification!

Of course, you can receive information from our e-newsletters every other month; email blasts for critical, time-sensitive matters; and free webinars. So next time you have a question or a challenge, let us help. More likely than not, we already have the answer.


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