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The Way We Do Things

May 27, 2019
By: Daniel Zigler
Financial Institutions

Since I began my time with Wipfli, I have had the opportunity to visit close to 100 financial institutions across the Midwest, each with unique client bases, processes and general lending philosophies. I have reviewed loans businesses and individuals including everything from logging companies in upper Michigan to grain farmers in Iowa to real estate developers in Chicago. I could never have gained that type of experience in a lifetime of working for institutions myself. In addition, I work with several reviewers who each have different backgrounds and lending experiences than mine.

As I have learned with time, a financial institution’s loan portfolio is a product of the local market base. For instance, most of my career was spent working for organizations in the metro-Milwaukee area that focused on lending to manufacturers and small businesses. I therefore became proficient in analyzing the cash flow cycle of various industries and their specific working capital needs. 

Each organization I worked for had its own unique way of underwriting loans, different forms of documentation and different overall philosophies on lending. There often have been times when I have questioned certain things, only to get the response, “That is just the way we do things here.” I learned that financial institutions can sometimes resist change and will continue to do things the way they have always done. This just seems to be human nature. It wasn’t until I gained the experience from several different organizations that I realized there might be a better way. 

This is a significant benefit of having Wipfli complete a loan review for your financial institution. Sometimes a little diversification in the corporate “gene pool” is a good thing. Our reviewers are all highly trained and experienced, and we can offer best practice suggestions that you may not be aware of. Learn more about our loan portfolio services by clicking here, or reach out to your Wipfli relationship executive.


Daniel Zigler, CRC
Senior Specialist, Loan Review
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