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Moving from Dynamics GP to Business Central: Main benefits, and updates to migration tool

Mar 24, 2020
By: Barbara Bell

The switch from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central can seem like a daunting task for organizations — but the benefits of moving from an on-premises solution to a cloud-based one are well worth it. And Microsoft’s migration tool makes it easier than ever.

But first, what are the main benefits?

Flexibility for moving teams

Since Business Central is cloud-based, it helps organizations be more flexible and on the move. It’s both mobile and browser enabled, so it can be accessed on any device (from laptops to smartphones) almost anywhere. 

An indication that it’s time to migrate to Business Central could be that your sales and or field service teams need access to your organization’s ERP solutions beyond the office. 

Enhanced reporting abilities

Business Central now uses an improved dimensional reporting structure, meaning you can define the dimensions (attribute or category) and tag them accordingly to any transaction in the system. You can also create default dimensions so that each time that particular transaction is used, it is defaulted in the system. 

With these enhanced dimensional reporting abilities, data can be segmented in various ways without a third-party service.

As you think about moving to the cloud, these are some of the biggest benefits. 

Keep in mind, you do not have to move to the cloud and can continue using Dynamics GP; however, if your organization is starting its technology planning and roadmapping, consider your organization’s future needs and start to plan if, and when, you might migrate from Dynamics GP to Business Central.

Microsoft’s tool to migrate from GP to BC

Microsoft has developed a tool to help customers migrate from Dynamics GP to Business Central. Last month, Microsoft upgraded the tool with four key components:

  1. Version support
  2. Bringing over addresses
  3. Bring over customers and vendors
  4. Chart of Accounts migration expansion

Click here to read our previous blog about those enhancements.

Additional enhancements coming in April and June

From inventory enhancements and allowing bank records to be carried over during migration, Microsoft is continuing to add improvements to the tool. The new releases coming in April and June are detailed in this chart:

Moving from Dynamics GP to Business Central: Main benefits, and updates to migration tool

Source: Microsoft

Webinar: Learn more about migrating from Dynamics GP to Business Central

If you have any additional questions, doubts or concerns about making the transition, be sure to virtually attend Microsoft’s webinar on April 8, 2020. Discussion topics include:

  • The business benefits of a cloud solution like Business Central
  • Business Central’s capabilities (including a demo of it in action)
  • Tools that can help with your migration
  • Testimonials from Dynamics GP users who have already transitioned to Business Central

You can register for that webinar here.

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