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Showing Appreciation

Oct 29, 2018
By: Tammy T. Jelinek

I schedule time to show appreciation. I know, I know — that could come across as totally not genuine, but let me explain. My brain “squirrels” so many times throughout my day. In the past, I would have great intentions of calling someone or sending a note of thanks — but alas, weeks later nothing had happened.
Now, every week there is a private meeting on my calendar. It serves as a reminder to show my appreciation to others. It’s a time I use to:

  • Send a thank-you card to a client.
  • Set up a breakfast or lunch meeting to connect with someone.
  • Recognize an associate in our internal feedback system.
  • Walk down the hall to someone’s office space and say thanks.
  • Even shoot my hubby or a friend a text of appreciation.

Some days it takes 3 of the allotted 30 minutes. Some days it takes the entire 30 minutes. Every week it’s a reminder to acknowledge others. And every week it makes me smile and be happy.
If you try this, please let me know how/if it works for you.
Wishing you a great day, and remember:  Lead with legacy.


Tammy Jelinek has over 20 years of experience in working in and with fabulous organizations. This blog will explore what it’s like for her to lead as a woman, as a GenXer, and as a person who truly wants to lead with legacy—meaning she wants to walk her talk. Tammy has presented training nationally across the United States, built businesses, coached amazing people and built a career in the squiggliest path known to man…or in this case, woman. She has a passion for being curious, helping people and making actions happen.

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