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Podcast: How banks are reducing processing costs by 50%

Terry Ammons
Mar 07, 2022

Your community bank can leverage personalized automation to increase efficiencies in your consumer and mortgage lending practices.

How? In this episode of GroundBanking, Terry Ammons, partner at Wipfli, talked to Joseariel Gomez-Ortigoza, Founder & CEO of Shastic, about the company’s cloud-based, AI learning engine. Because the most repetitive and time-consuming part of the loan process is customer communication and document collection, Shastic wanted to figure out how they could turn days into minutes, or even seconds, by drastically reducing manual work and delays. Now, the Shastic platform is saving banks up to 50% of processing costs and improving response time by 33%.

Listen in to learn how Shastic:

  • Processes loans faster with a personalized experience at high volumes and scale
  • Integrates with existing systems with minimal IT involvement
  • Transforms time-consuming manual processes

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