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Podcast: How financial institutions can approach offering cryptocurrency services

Terry Ammons
Jun 08, 2022

Is your financial institution considering how you can begin offering digital asset and cryptocurrency-related services? Wipfli’s State of Community Banking Report found that 29% of community banks are looking to add crypto to their ecosystem — a big turnaround from just a few years ago.

In this episode of GroundBanking, Terry Ammons, partner at Wipfli, talks to Justin Seidl, Founder and CEO of fintech firm Sequoir, and Seth Ollila, COO of Sequoir, about how financial institutions can approach offering crypto services. Specifically, they discuss:

  • As an institution, how you can get custody of digital assets, and what are some custodial solutions
  • Whether institutions should be paying attention to other digital assets such as NFTs
  • Whether it’s better to offer a wide variety of digital assets and cryptos, or to start small

Listen now to learn how to lay the foundation for offering new services to your clients.

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