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Podcast: Financing trends in senior living

Robert Zondag
Mar 23, 2022

In the years to come, technology-based healthcare is going to make a big difference in where the dollars are coming from in senior living.

This episode of Bank on Wipfli explores some of the most significant trends in senior living and home healthcare that financial institutions should be aware of from a financing perspective. Wipfli’s Robert Zondag, Senior Manager, Tiffany Karlin, Principal, and Mike Vaccarella, partner, discuss:

  • The wide spectrum of services for the senior living industry
  • How these services have evolved significantly over the past two years due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • How shifts in the industry could impact lending and investments in that space

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Robert H. Zondag
CTP, Partner
Tiffany Karlin
Michael L. Vaccarella
Partner, National Leader Private Equity & Transaction Advisory Services


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