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Healthcare Connections: Leadership and business sustainability in healthcare

Jan 16, 2024
By: Tom Cox

If you want your healthcare organization to succeed amid disruption and an ever-changing industry, you not only need to know how to develop high-performing teams but also how to help them navigate change.

Strong leaders are essential for creating a positive work environment that supports employees and leadership at all levels and reduces costly turnover. In this recorded webinar, Wipfli principal Tom Cox shared practical insights for healthcare leaders on crucial topics such as active listening and seeking feedback from colleagues, being open to different perspectives, practicing empathy and emotional intelligence, and outlining clear expectations and goals for team members. He also explained the importance of succession planning and how to get your organization in a state of succession readiness.

By downloading, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how demographic shifts and other major disruptors are affecting your workforce.
  • Learn about the ROI of highly engaged teams and the necessary shift to “retain first, attract last.”
  • Identify the heart of good leadership and three ways higher-performing organizations can be realized.
  • Understand succession readiness, why it’s important and how effective succession planning can help.


Tom Cox
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