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Reopen, ramp up or refocus: The next transition

Brian Gaumont
Jun 01, 2020

Demand for your services is increasing during a time when you must rethink how you deliver those services and what tools your staff now needs.  As we begin to look at what it means to reopen, ramp up or refocus, organizations themselves are considering:

  • How can we build plans to reopen, ramp up or refocus our own organizations? 
  • Will each of our programs or services be impacted differently? 
  • What are the scenarios that we should be prepared for, and what impact will each of these scenarios have on our workforce, technology, finances, risk and public relations?
  • How will our decisions impact our key stakeholders (clients, constituents, staff, children, families, communities, etc.)?
  • How can we get my organizational leaders to contribute to the design of these action plans so that we can rapidly respond when we need to and minimize the shock to the organization and community? 

In a rapid and process-driven fashion, Wipfli developed a process to develop action plans for the best, worst and most likely scenarios to help build your strategy.  During the webinar, Brian Gaumont and Deron Kling we share how you can use some of these approaches to ramp up your staffing, services, and outcomes.


Brian R. Gaumont
Deron J. Kling
Senior Manager
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