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Forensic readiness assessment

Be prepared to collect credible digital evidence

Forensic readiness assessments analyze your internal, external and cloud-based operations and systems to ensure that — even before an incident occurs — your digital evidence is properly identified, gathered, recorded and stored so you can retrieve it for use during incident investigation, response and remediation activities.

With Wipfli’s forensic readiness assessment, our team will evaluate how prepared you are to identify, acquire and maintain credible digital evidence to support internal incident response and remediation activity, file insurance claims, help law enforcement and provide evidence in court or regulatory proceedings.

What our assessment involves

During our assessment, we analyze the areas that can prove vital in a forensic investigation, including:

  • Digital policies and procedures
  • Risk management and preventative controls
  • Incident response plans and procedures
  • Employee departures
  • Auditing and logging policies and procedures
  • Internal, external and cloud-based infrastructure monitoring
  • Insurance coverages
  • Readiness and ability of internal or external investigation teams
  • Data protection
  • Response to simulation exercises

At the conclusion, we’ll provide a list of what you are currently doing well and our recommendations on how to improve your systems, processes, policies and staff to ensure you have a strong forensic readiness plan. And we can work with you to implement those enhancements and conduct regular reviews as threats and opportunities evolve.

Let’s get started

Our fraud and forensics team is comprised of certified professionals (EnCE, GCFE, GCFA, CISSP, CFE, CFF, CPA, OFE, MCFE-AXIOM, JD, CIDA and CIA). Contact us today so we can help you elevate your forensic readiness.