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RMAI compliance audits

RMAI certification audits. Simplified.

By obtaining a Certified Receivables Business (CRB) or Certified Receivables Vendor (CRV) certification, you demonstrate your commitment to meeting the standards set forth by Receivables Management Association International (RMAI). You show that you’re not only aware of, and complying with, state and federal statutory requirements, but also following industry best practices and responding to consumer complaints and inquiries.

To achieve your certification, you must undergo an audit by an authorized provider, and that’s where Wipfli can help.

As one of only nine RMAI-authorized audit providers worldwide, Wipfli understands the unique regulatory demands of the receivables industry. We help ensure your company is fully compliant — with complete knowledge of industry best practices — through our comprehensive RMAI compliance audits.

How Wipfli can help

Work with our experienced team to determine what certification you need and achieve it.

CRB certification

  • This certification is intended for debt-buying companies, collection law firms, third-party collection agencies and creditors.
  • As a condition for RMAI membership, debt-buying companies that are actively purchasing portfolios must complete their CRB designation within one year. 
  • Benefits of certification include reduced consumer complaints, decreased litigation, potential for lower insurance premiums, increased business opportunities, demonstrated commitment to compliance standards, ongoing educational opportunities, improved visibility with RMAI members, enhanced organizational credibility and alignment with your client’s audit criteria.

CRV certification

  • This is a voluntary certification program for vendors and brokers and is designed to exceed the requirements of state and federal law.
  • You can achieve certification by complying with standards of best practice and completing a precertification audit of those standards. 
  • The benefits of CRV certification are similar to those of the CRB certification, from decreased litigation to improved visibility.

Our certification audit process

At Wipfli, our compliance professionals bring concentrated financial services industry knowledge and experience to assess your organization’s certification readiness and complete your compliance audit. Wipfli will:

  • Assess compliance: Using the program governance document developed by RMAI, we measure your organization’s compliance with the applicable standards.
  • Provide recommendations: As part of the certification audit, we provide you with recommendations for enhancements as necessary.
  • Report results: At the conclusion of the certification audit, we provide a comprehensive report to your organization and RMAI.
  • Remain your partner: As a firm committed to serving your industry, we will remain your business partner long after the certification audit. You can rely on us to be there when needed to answer questions, provide additional services and listen when you need us to.