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E-book: Navigating through disruption

A playbook for the future

These are times of rapid shift. It doesn’t matter how much you plan — change is inevitable and often unpredictable. Whether it’s a disruptive innovation in new technology, the loss of critical talent or an unforeseen event, organizations will continually be faced with chaos and challenges.

The ability to shepherd yours through change is the critical task of leadership. This e-book — a playbook for the future — can help you become a student of disruption. To recognize the takeaways of any crisis and integrate them into the way you do business. To build the foundations your organization needs to survive disruption when it comes.

In this e-book, we cover:

  • Change versus transformation
  • Getting better at prediction
  • Responding and reacting
  • Preparing for disruption

Find out what you can learn from disruption.

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