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State and Local Tax Incentives

Don’t miss out on the growing list of tax incentives from state and local governments.

Many times there’s an unanticipated tax benefit when businesses make a routine investment in people, processes, or capital expenditures.  Don’t miss out on qualifying for a tax incentive available from state and local government resulting in significant tax savings. Experienced tax experts help identify events that trigger lucrative tax credits and incentives such as:

  • People: Hiring credits, training grants or incentives.
  • Capital Expenditures: Many states have development zones or programs that encourage companies to make significant capital investments in those states, areas or regions.
  • Operations: Most states “piggy back” off the federal research and development tax credit. They also have other programs to incentivize manufacturing, energy and sustainability plans, and provide exemptions from property taxes and other local taxes.

Credit and incentive programs vary tremendously from state to state. In addition, many programs may be statutory while others are discretionary and require significant up front negotiations with state and local agencies. Partner with a proven team to help investigate the programs that align with your strategic goals and assist with negotiating a credits and incentives package.

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