Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Flexible, intelligent, connected CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM brings integrated relationship management to medium and large businesses seeking to grow customer loyalty.

At its core, CRM involves three basic steps:

  1. Finding and developing customer relationships
  2. Keeping customers happy
  3. Growing these relationships to enhance business profitability.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, users create an intuitive, easy-to-use customer relationship management system that incorporates data from across the enterprise to create actionable insights.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates with Microsoft Outlook in a streamlined interface. Strong personalization tools work to meet business goals and measure performance. In addition to the powerful workflow engine and automated processes, the software provides step-by-step guidance through any business process or interaction.

Users rapidly configure multiple real-time dashboards to actively monitor business performance and improve decision-making – with business users able to build their own dashboards without IT assistance. The end result is a powerful system customizable for each unique business. Real time dashboards and flexible goal management ensure progress without constant IT assistance. To do this, businesses have to know your customers. Knowledge is power, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers.

Featured Thought Leader

Terry Kerscher

Terry Kerscher is a partner within the Customer Relationship Management and Growth Practice and has over 25 years of experience in information technology and solutions consulting. Terry adeptly assists clients with identifying their business objectives and selecting the technology solutions that accelerate growth. 

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