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Executive Construction Inc.
Erin Fiegel, PLA, ASLA, Marketing Director

“Wipfli has exceeded our expectations. I can have honest and frank conversations with them about our challenges, and the team responds with support and solutions. They’re eager to figure out ways to enhance the system and push the boundaries of what we can do with Microsoft Dynamics. That has been invaluable for us.”


Reinforced by effective change management, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provided Executive Construction with a single source of truth for all sales and project records. The company has been able to centralize contact information, consolidate data and share it in the field, and shift a greater focus onto business development.


Executive Construction has grown rapidly in recent years. This growth parallels a strategic plan to create a recession-proof business fueled by a culture of business development. In year five of implementing this plan, the organization recognized its overuse of separate spreadsheets tracking similar information, challenges to maintain clean contact lists, inefficiencies in lead management and an abundance of siloed information.

Leaders knew a customer relationship management system (CRM) was the best solution to their challenges, but they were concerned over how to find the right tool, ensure user adoption and capture ROI on such a large investment.


They considered several CRM platforms, evaluating differences in licensing costs, integration capabilities and whether a consultant would be necessary to implement the solution. Through their research and conversations with industry peers, leadership settled on Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a long-term enterprise solution to its challenges. The firm appreciated Microsoft Dynamics’ natural integration into its day-to-day operations and was reassured by the longevity of the product under the Microsoft name.

Executive Construction selected Wipfli as a reliable partner to help it achieve a smooth implementation and provide the change management necessary to gain adoption and leverage the tool most effectively. Executive Construction leveraged Wipfli’s knowledge of the construction industry and prior experience with similar engagements.


With Microsoft Dynamics 365, Executive Construction has been able to centralize contact information, consolidate data, facilitate mobility and shared access in the field, and provide business development accountability. Branded internally as [E]CRM, the well-adopted system provides a “single source of truth” for all contact, sales and project records, allowing for easy updates and cleaner data. Executive Construction is optimistic it has selected a solution — and a partner — that can truly go the distance for its organization to continue to scale and be successful.


Executive Construction is a Chicago-based general contractor that leads construction projects sized from $50,000 to $150 million within the new construction, interiors, renovations and mission critical markets. For over 45+ years, it has established itself as a trusted partner to Fortune 500 clients and nationally recognized architects and engineers.

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