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Janine Kaczmarowski, CFO
“Wipfli has the right kind of people. They know exactly what they’re doing, they know what questions to ask, and they take the time to get to know our needs and how our business works. The result is that they get it right from day one. Wipfli just makes my life so much easier.”

PAK Technologies is among the Midwest’s largest comprehensive blending, packaging, and distribution companies. Maintaining a focus on adaptability and high personal interaction, the company successfully meets the widely varying requirements of both national and international customers—from local accounts with uniquely specialized needs to involvement with the federal space program. PAK’s operations include a robust distribution and warehouse program, as well as expert blending and packaging of chemicals (including the well-known disinfectant Barbicide®), quality foods (spices and nutritional items), and personal-care specialty products. 


Finding a reliable ERP system proved to be a challenge for the busy contract manufacturer. The company experienced frequent difficulties and dissatisfaction with its past two systems. One particular low-cost application was incapable of handling the company’s manufacturing needs and proved weak in its support of vital financial data. And although the solution was purportedly integrated, information flow was poor, and the system was inadequately supported. The provider made frequent and numerous updates without consideration of PAK’s customizations, leaving the company unable to complete many of the system’s updates.


Wipfli initiated a thorough evaluation of PAK’s needs, capabilities, and growth opportunities. Based on the company’s need for stronger business insights, the firm then helped PAK reimplement the business management solution Microsoft Dynamics® GP. The reliable ERP system connects PAK’s business processes and provides the company with complete and scalable financial and operational functionality, resulting in:

  • Real-time access to accurate business information.
  • Connection of a full range of business processes across the organization.
  • Seamless business management infrastructure.

Wipfli further assisted in integrating Microsoft Dynamics® GP with Vicinity, a solution designed exclusively for formula-based manufacturing.


The integrity of PAK’s data has improved dramatically, and the company has gained greater visibility into its business, resulting in more effective decision making. With quick access to the right reports, many customized to PAK’s exact needs, the Company has the ability to recognize where it’s being most profitable and respond accordingly. Additionally, the ERP solution helps PAK achieve greater productivity, freeing up resources for more strategic pursuits throughout the month. Month-end closing has also been greatly improved. While the volume of business transactions has increased, there’s been no increase in administrative staff, an efficiency PAK attributes to Wipfli’s solution implementation. 

Relationship Executive(s)

Kenneth F. Kortas, CPA, Partner