Collaboration in the Cloud

Cloud services that keep up with the pace of business.

Contractors and real estate professionals are always on the go. To do the job well, collaboration and communication with people inside and outside the organization is essential. Collaboration in the cloud makes all this possible, empowering staff and letting day-to-day IT headaches become someone else’s responsibility.

Using up-to-date technology available through the internet, organizations can:

  • Share calendars, contacts, tasks and documents
  • Easily engage in right-this-minute discussions and events
  • Ask a quick question to someone in another location without having to send an e-mail
  • Discuss document changes on the fly
  • Store contracts, leases, drawings, change orders—any document or spreadsheet—for access by all or selected users
  • Develop a discussion board to allow for stored communications
  • Implement a project calendar, in a location that is visible to all, to coordinate meetings and events

Featured Thought Leader

Jason J. Smith, CDIA+

With more than 17 years of strategic technology experience, Jason helps organizations identify challenges, execute processes, and optimize their technology investments. Clients see him as a trusted business partner who can provide an invaluable perspective on their technology, financial, and operational needs. 

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