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Advisory services for real estate

Improve operations and increase value for your real estate firm

With Wipfli’s business advisory services for real estate, your firm can gain greater clarity into your projects and financials, increase operational efficiency, grow value and make more informed business decisions. Our advisors understand the intricacies of the real estate industry and work collaboratively with you to uncover solutions to your biggest challenges.

Business valuation

Business valuations and appraisal services are complex and nuanced, but our team understands how every aspect of a business contributes to determining its true value. We provide clients with meaningful data that meets legal and compliance regulations while delivering a list of actionable recommendations to increase the value of your business.

Financial reporting and analysis

Real estate organizations need more from audit and accounting services than just sound reporting. Wipfli goes further, studying and interpreting numbers to determine what they are telling us about your business and using that insight to help you make smart business decisions and improve operations.

Corporate real estate appraisal and advisory

Gaining a return on your investment is your top priority. Wipfli helps guide complex investments from start to finish — delivering the appraisal, strategic planning and due diligence you need to pursue your vision.

Project scheduling

With scheduling experience for each type of project, we understand how projects go wrong and why, which means we know what problems to look for and how to proactively — and cost-effectively — solve them before they turn into a dispute.