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Secondary Market Loan Quality Control Services

Protect your investors — and your financial institution — by reducing your risk of fraud.

Your investors rely on you to protect them from fraud by diligently monitoring and evaluating the loans you sell to the secondary market. But developing a solid, quality loan control program takes up time and resources your financial institution needs to succeed in an ever-evolving marketplace. So how can you satisfy this regulatory requirement, put your investors at ease and stay competitive all at the same time?

Wipfli has you covered. We understand that having a robust, independent loan quality control program is crucial to the investors you serve and the success of your financial institution. Wipfli’s experienced associates partner with your management team to create and maintain a program that defines your standards for quality and puts in place controls to meet them. With Wipfli, you can:

  • Evaluate the quality of your loans.
  • Use best practices to prevent or solve issues.
  • Detect and act on signs of fraud.
  • Meet the required independence of your program.
  • Assess the overall quality of mortgage production on a regular basis.


Experience Service That Goes Beyond 

Wipfli’s secondary market quality control services are delivered by seasoned financial institution professionals who provide you with timely service tailored to your needs, with your best interests at heart. Best of all, when you have questions, you get direct answers from a Wipfli team member instead of a robotic phone system. We provide a real human touch, helping you solve issues, acquire missing information or get the answers you need.

Let’s start the conversation about how Wipfli can help you protect investors, meet investor requirements and stay competitive. Contact us about developing your financial institution’s secondary market loan quality control program.

Is there enough quality control in your secondary market control

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