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Operational improvement and efficiency

Identify strategies to gain operational efficiency. Improve profits.

Increase profits and elevate efficiency with lean strategies for financial institutions.

Continuous improvement services evaluate how a financial institution conducts its day-to-day business. Our experienced consultants identify opportunities to improve net income and strategies to reduce cost.

Our experienced teams map a client’s information flow, from customer demand to service delivery, focusing on information exchange, process flows, and cost drivers.

Mapping processes in a value stream creates the basis to identify opportunities for continuous improvement. By mapping these processes, clients are able to analyze the use of resources and information flow from a new perspective, saving time, energy, and resources, and reducing waste thus resulting in a smoother process.

Wipfli’s profit improvement processes often include:

  • Reviewing fee income from deposits and other sources for potential earnings
  • Making sure your systems and employees are collecting what you have disclosed
  • Using appropriate ratios to determine areas of opportunity
  • Reviewing nonearning assets
  • Ensuring optimum collection and payment of interest
  • Assessing core processing systems
  • Reviewing invoices to offer opportunities to eliminate variable expenses

Path to continuous improvement
We have your solution to overworked employees and inefficient processes.
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