What cybersecurity risks are you taking? Protect your most sensitive information — and your reputation

Integrate Cybersecurity into the Fabric of Your Culture.

Are You Confident in Your Cybersecurity?

You don’t know what you don’t know, but when it comes to cybersecurity, what you don’t know could lead to a devastating data breach. Protect your data, your reputation and your future with Wipfli/Macpage’s IT cybersecurity exam. Our solution evaluates your physical, administrative and technical safeguards that protect your information systems assets. We review and assess your:

  • IT governance
  • Third-party risk management
  • Operational controls
  • Cybersecurity safeguards
  • Business continuity planning
  • E-Banking services

You receive a comprehensive report that identifies your risks and suggests corrective actions to minimize those risks and strengthen your controls.

Are your employees putting you at risk?

Today’s cybercriminals don’t need sophisticated technology to steal your data. Instead, they gain access through the weakest link in your security chain: your well-meaning but too-trusting employees. Shore up your financial institution’s security with our social engineering solutions. Our services include:

  • Email phishing: We send your employees spoofed emails to test how at risk they are of inadvertently downloading viruses or divulging their passwords.
  • Pretext calling: We call into your organization and attempt to get authenticated without going through normal procedures or providing proper ID.
  • Security awareness training: We reinforce the importance of staying vigilant and train your employees on how to take better security precautions.

How much of your data can cyber thieves access?

Whether you’re worried about a data breach or you’re looking to satisfy Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) guidelines, perimeter testing is a great way to identify your cybersecurity vulnerabilities. You can’t create an action plan without first knowing what you need to fix! We can help you stay ahead of cybercriminals. Our team designs a custom perimeter testing strategy that meets your financial institution’s size and complexity. Perimeter testing solutions include:

  • Vulnerability Scans: We scan your perimeter to detect vulnerabilities and security issues so that you can update your systems and help ensure there’s no low-hanging fruit for cybercriminals to exploit.
  • Vulnerability Assessments: We perform a comprehensive review of your controls (including access controls, password cracking, configuration reviews, access and authentication) and deliver a prioritized list of vulnerabilities.
  • Penetrating Testing: We simulate a real-world cyberattack by exploiting any weaknesses we find so that we can determine which areas of your organization are most vulnerable and how you can address them.

You receive recommendations that suggest corrective actions, helping minimize your risks and close off cybercriminal access points.

Criminals are always looking for a way in. Make sure your organization is prepared. To learn more, fill in and submit our form and someone will contact you in the next 10 business days to discuss your institution’s needs.

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