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The future is now. Are you ready?

If you’ve heard of Industry 4.0 — aka the fourth industrial revolution — you know it’s the future of manufacturing. Each industrial revolution brings with a monumental transition in manufacturing enabled by the emergence of new technology.

With Industry 4.0, manufacturers are leveraging integrated systems, cloud computing, machine learning and AI to improve productivity, profitability and consistency throughout the business. They’re reducing waste and downtime, becoming more efficient and better connecting with their customers and suppliers. And they’re making more proactive business decisions to truly create “smart” manufacturing.

Industry 4.0 manufacturing

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Wipfli specializes in helping manufacturers get started with Industry 4.0.

Our team brings the resources and knowhow you need to develop a strategic roadmap and officially launch this critical initiative. We take an approach completely customized to your business, and we’re here for you — from planning your Industry 4.0 technologies roadmap through implementing its incredibly valuable capabilities.

Evolve from a manufacturer that uses technology into a tech company that does manufacturing.

Join us for a meet-to-learn to discuss your organization’s needs, the Industry 4.0 manufacturing process and how Wipfli could be your ideal 4.0 partner. Contact us today.

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