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Align your product costs, pricing and profitability

If you’ve experienced lower margins, been asked by your customers to cut costs or struggled to accurately calculate your overhead, you’re not alone.

Many manufacturers have found themselves challenged to gain a complete picture of what it truly costs to manufacture and deliver finished products to their customers, compared to the revenue generated or even the quoted price — but they don’t have the time or resources to commit to such an undertaking. Yet doing so could highlight where they’re profitable and help understand what changes are necessary to increase margins.

Identify your costs and align them with your pricing and profitability with Wipfli’s job costing solution. With our team, you gain crucial visibility into your processes and costs. Our job costing solution includes:

  • Two-Day Workshop: During our two-day operational workshop with your team, we break down the components of your manufacturing activities, review your cost pools and analyze how they relate to one another. Then we identify the drivers of your overhead and what percentage of that overhead should actually come from your manufacturing process.
  • Recommendations: We then provide you with a list of recommendations for improvements. Each manufacturer is different, and our recommendations are completely tailored to your situation. What’s more, we simulate for you what making the recommended changes will do to your overall performance — allowing you to not only more comfortably make ideal changes but also grow profitably in the future.

Join us for a meet-to-learn to discuss the process of job costing, your organization’s needs and what benefits you could see. Contact us today to get started.

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