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How to change the font display in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Oct 24, 2017

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for businesses. One of the benefits of Dynamics GP is that it’s regularly updated to enhance features and security. The downside of those updates, however, is that change can be hard. Even small differences — like font size — can cause major headaches.

Dynamics GP 2015 or 2016 users that work on Windows 10 machines may have noticed a display issue after a recent upgrade. On newer systems, particularly laptop computers, the font size can make your data harder to read.

What causes font display issues in Microsoft Dynamics GP?

The way Dynamics GP creates and uses fonts doesn’t scale the same way fonts do in Windows, which makes the software’s fonts harder to read on today’s screens. (As an aside, Microsoft is slowly phasing out Microsoft Dynamics GP by ending sales of new licenses by 2025 and 2026.)

The display settings also behave differently depending on the computer you use. If you’re using a newer computer, customizing your settings is probably necessary.

Follow these steps to adjust your fonts and make text easier to read in Dynamics GP.

How to change the font size in Microsoft Dynamics GP, Windows 10

Updating the compatibility view settings should resolve the issue.

  • Right click on the icon in Dynamics GP icon in the task area or on your desktop.
  • Then, right click on Dynamics GP again and select Properties:

Dynamics GP Icon

  • Click on compatibility mode and change the settings (as shown below). You can choose compatibility with Windows 8 or 7
  • Check the “Override high DPI scaling behavior” and choose to scale by “Application.”

Dynamics GP Display Too Small

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