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Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2018 New Feature Information

Oct 27, 2017

Authored by Jo deRuiter – Senior Consultant - Wipfli's Microsoft Dynamics® GP Team 

The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2018 is to provide wanted and user-requested enhancements to the core application.

Just a few of the enhanced features are as follows:

Comprehensive Doc Attach
Microsoft introduces the next evolution with comprehensive Doc Attach on most master record windows, inquiry windows, and transaction entry windows.  

  • You can now view and modify attachments in inquiry windows
  • There is now drill back capabilities from transactional information

User Experience
Giving users easier and faster ways to get to and find the data they are looking for to make decisions based off the information stored in Dynamics GP. 

There are now new sort options on many windows making it easier for users to find information.

  • No more annoying prompts for the System Password
  • Change in verbiage it is no longer a check or a cheque…it is PAYMENTS
  • Better user experience when using web client with Autocomplete, SmartList, and Bank Rec
  • SmartList Favorites can now have unique password protection!

Optimize Financials & HRP
Recognizing the voice of their customers, you have provided the feedback; Microsoft has optimized your Financials and HR/Payroll experience in Dynamics GP 2018. 

  • Turn off the Garnishment Reports that slow down the processing of Payroll
  • The ability to roll down items from Payroll Setup to Inactive Records
  • Purchase Order Generator open PO list with new PO filter
  • PO Number displays on the Requisition List for the originator and sends notifications to the requisition originator
  • Print Purchase Requisitions 
  • Ability to email a single statement from the Customer Card
  • Display the hold status on a Sales Transaction Entry
  • Vendor Setting Optimizations – One check per invoice and save select payment
  • HR and Payroll Solutions – Reprint Distribution Detail and Summary Reports
  • HR and Payroll Solutions – Wellness and Health Insurance Integration

With the release of Dynamics GP 2018, Microsoft continues to extend the capabilities of Workflow. In addition to new workflows such as GL Account and Purchase Invoice, they have added workflow capabilities like copy step and reminder emails. 

  • You can now receive reminder emails for workflow
  • Ability to now COPY workflow setups
  • Reporting centered around workflow and status
  • General Ledger Account Workflow Approval
  • Purchase Receiving Workflow – PO Invoices
  • Purchase Enter/Match Invoice Workflows…wow
  • Payables, PO, and EFT Bank Detail fields for workflow messages
  • Project Account improvements around workflow
  • Employee Self Service Workflows and email enhancements

Power "Suite" Evolution
Support Paging and Filtering in OData Services, Support OData V4, and what you all have been waiting for Dynamics GP Power BI Content Pack!

  • Support Paging, filtering, and OData V4
  • Dynamics GP Power BI Content Pack

If you would like to contribute to Microsoft’s next version changes please check out CONNECT.

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