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Microsoft improves GP to BC migration tool — have you switched to the cloud yet?

Mar 10, 2020
By: Barbara Bell

We’re excited to share that Microsoft has released a significant update to their migration tool: Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

While Dynamics GP remains a great solution for its users, it also very much remains an on-premises solution. Businesses and organizations looking to move to the cloud and enjoy its many benefits should look into moving to Business Central.

Thankfully, migrating from Dynamics GP to Business Central is a lot easier with Microsoft’s migration tool. 

What’s new in this release

In a recent announcement on the new release, Microsoft shared what’s new:

1. Version support

The migration tool now supports all mainstream-supported versions of Dynamics GP. If you’re running GP2015 RTM or higher, you can migrate to Business Central with the 15.3 release of Business Central in the cloud. You don’t have to upgrade to GP2018R2 to make the move to Business Central.

2. Bringing over addresses

The release added functionality to bring across all addresses for customers and vendors. Whereas previously it only brought the primary address, now you will see all addresses in Business Central.

3. Bringing over customers and vendors

The release added the ability to choose if you want to bring over all customers and vendors or exclude inactive customers and vendors during the migration process.

4. Chart of Accounts migration expansion

In the release, the chart of accounts migration has been expanded to bring over segments as dimensions, as well as to post the amounts to the dimensions during the migration. 

With the added support of segments to dimensions within the transaction mapping, you are now able to add GL summary posting of transactions into the general ledger. Using the migration tool, you can bring over period value transactions for open and history years from GL based off your fiscal periods setup in Dynamics GP.

What’s coming in the April and June releases

The April and June releases of Microsoft’s migration tool will bring continued enhancements. Here’s a quick overview of what to expect:

Microsoft improves GP to BC migration tool — have you switched to the cloud yet?

We will be releasing blogs closer to these months to further discuss the enhancements and how they benefit you. 

Webinar: Learn more about migrating from Dynamics GP to Business Central

To help users make the decision on whether to upgrade to Business Central and the cloud, Microsoft is holding a webinar on April 8, 2020. Topics that will be discussed include:

  • The business benefits of a cloud solution like Business Central
  • Business Central’s capabilities (including a demo of it in action)
  • Tools that can help with your migration

There will also be testimonials from Dynamics GP users who have already transitioned to the cloud, further letting you know what the experience is like, what issues they may have faced and how they like Business Central. 

You can register for that webinar here.

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