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What’s new in Dynamics 365 Business Central, 2020 wave 1 release

Apr 24, 2020
By: Barbara Bell

The latest update of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central launched in April. The spring update focuses on productivity, application enhancements, service and development fundamentals and cloud migration tools.

These updates enable users to be more productive, gaining efficiencies thanks to core function enhancements and usability improvements for smoother navigation.

Wipfli is offering a free webinar to review the enhancements on May 13.

Here are some of the key updates:

Enhanced customer and vendor document layout

A new feature makes it easier to send statements to the appropriate contacts. You can now link customer contacts to specific document types. It’s easier to route purchase orders to account managers, customer statements to finance, and so on, without manually filling out an email field every time. It’s a nice little efficiency feature to speed up a routine task.

Notify requester

As an addition to the approval workflow, Business Central now includes an option for the requester to get notified of any changes to the request, up to final approval.

Print to attachment

You can now generate and attach PDFs directly to your workflow. Find this feature under the Print/Send dropdown. For example, you could generate a pro forma invoice or a work order and attach it directly to the sales order as a PDF attachment — without having to export and attach manually.

Receive more items than ordered

Business Central now includes an “over-receipt” code. If your business occasionally receives more product than ordered, this allows you to set an over-receipt tolerance level so you can accept those products without having to generate a PO change.

Disable Excel export

For security purposes, administrators can now specify which users are able to export data to Excel.

Enhanced mobile accessibility

Employees on the road want quick access to information, without a lot of scrolling or reorienting their device. New mobile functionality provides faster access to information through FactBoxes and other improved navigation tools. Users can now pull information into the screen on any mobile device, in any orientation. Improvements to the Role Center navigation were also made with remote field users in mind.

You can read the full release notes for the 2020 wave 1 release. Keep updated on Business Central developments by attending Wipfli’s webinar and following our Microsoft Dynamics 365 blog.


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